LmostraThe Overseas Exhibition in Naples is one of the main Italian trade fair locations and, together with the Fiera del Levante in Bari, the largest of the South. It covers an
area of 720,000 sqm consisting of historic and architectural interest, as well as most modern exhibition pavilions, fountains (including the monumental fountain dell’Esedra), a tropical aquarium, gardens with a large variety of tree species and an archaeological park.


stadioThe San Paolo stadium in Naples, formerly the Sun stage, located in the Fuorigrotta neighborhood and is the leading multi-sports facility in the city, equipped with multipurpose and martial arts gyms, and a basketball court. It is best known from the football point of view, being the seat of the home matches of SSC Napoli. It is the second stage in Italy for actual capacity after Meazza in Milan, and the third for capacity approved after, again, the Meazza and the Olimpico in Rome.


federicoThe University of Naples Federico II is a state university among the oldest in Italy and the world. Established 5 June 1224 by the Emperor of the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Sicily Frederick II of Swabia, it is the main Neapolitan Academy and one of the most important in Italy and Europe. Famous for being the oldest university founded by a State measure, it is considered the oldest secular state university in the world.


stazioneThe Campi Flegrei station in Naples is a working railway station on the loop of Naples railway. It is the second most important station of Naples, after Naples Central is located in the Fuorigrotta neighborhood and is currently a station on line 2, connected to the bus Display the Cumana railway and the metro line 6. The station is inserted in Centostazioni project.


zooThe zoo was founded in 1940, but because of World War II is permanently open to the public only in 1949, thanks to Franco Cuneo and Angelo Lombardi, in the Overseas Exhibition. The second Italian zoo to be opened (after that of Rome), will be considered for over a quarter of a century, a great place to conduct scientific research, taking him all over Europe, as it was home to many rare animals and boasted, in addition, a valuable botanical collection and an artistic heritage of great interest and value (about the intervention of Louis Piccinato).


edenlandiaEdenlandia is an amusement park in Naples in Viale Kennedy in the Fuorigrotta district. It is the first amusement park in Italy, which takes inspiration from the Disney theme parks. The amusement park was born in 1965 [1] through the efforts of Oreste Rossotto and Luke Grezio [2], with the support of the entrepreneur Luigi Falchero, as a first experiment European themed park, inspired by the one born 10 years ago in California: Disneyland.


palaThe PalaBarbuto (named Lello Barbuto, a historical figure of the Neapolitan sports journalism) is the sports facility where Azzurro Napoli Basket 2013 plays its home games. It was inaugurated in 2003 with a capacity of 4000 seats. Since September 2006 the capacity was increased to 1500 seats and hospitality facilities have improved, although only temporary structures, to allow the Naples team to participate in Euroleague, for which they are required indoor stadium of at least 5,000 seats.


scandoneNamed after the eponymous Neapolitan sportswriter and built by the city of Naples on the occasion of the Mediterranean Games, hosted in 1963 with PalaArgento, the pool Scandone is the main structure for swimming and water polo in the city. In the seventies it was abandoned and became a dilapidated structure but with an intervention of upgrading could re-open in 1983, in the structure in which it occurs at the beginning of the twenty-first century.


poligonoThe shooting is a practice that is to hit a target with a firearm or compressed air. It is also a sport of the Olympics. Discipline would rather ancient origins and would connected in ROTC. The first elections were November 30, 1864: the president had authority, as provided for the law, the commander of the National Guard of Naples in the person of Comm.Gen. Francesco Gargano.


cnrThe National Research Council (CNR) is a public research institution Italian who has the task to carry out, promote, spread, transfer and improve scientific and technological research activities in the main sectors of knowledge growth and of its applications for the scientific development and technological, economic and social. The CNR is subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Education, University and Research.


raiRAI – Radiotelevisione Italian S.p.A., name often shortened to Italian Rai, or RA, is the concessionaire exclusively of public service broadcasting in Italy. It is one of the largest media companies in Europe, the continent’s fifth television group.


termeThe complex of Agnano Terme is one of the historical and artistic structures of Naples; It is located in Campi Flegrei, west of the city. The first spa facilities in the area, can be traced back to the Greek; but the ruins we see today still located on the hills, are purely Roman.


cittaThe City of Science is an initiative for the promotion and popularization of science that takes place in Naples, within a structure composed of an interactive science museum, a business incubator and a training center. The museum was destroyed in a fire March 4, 2013 and re-opened the following month with shows in some areas of the complex. Following the fire, the reopening of the facilities is scheduled for March 2018.

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